FedMap Capture Planning Section 1

Welcome to the FedMap Capture Planning Series

Capture Planning is the process of identifying opportunities, assessing the landscape, and devising and implementing winning strategies oriented toward capturing a specific business opportunity. Consistently successful capture planning requires written, action-oriented capture plans that result in more contract wins. That is what our program will teach you.

Goals and Objectives

During Month 1 of the curriculum, you will learn how to use a disciplined and proven capture planning process to increase your chances of winning more government contracts. In this first month of training we will teach you how to identify a target agency, selected an opportunity to pursue, and conduct an opportunity analysis. Finding the right opportunity to pursue is critical to getting the most benefit from the FedMap curriculum. The opportunity you select will be used throughout the  entire FedMap Capture Planning curriculum to build your Capture Plan, develop your capture strategy, and conduct the research needed to win the contract. Ideally, you will have selected your target opportunity prior to attending your first cohort meeting. We provide you with training, tools, and expiring contracts to help you select your target opportunity; however, if you have trouble identifying an opportunity, do not hesitate to reach out to our FedMap support team for assistance.