Common Contract Pricing Structures for Small Business

Description Before bidding on government contracts, it is essential to identify what type of contract pricing you’re dealing with. This course will help you to understand the distinct risk and opportunities for each type and how the types of contracts can significantly affect your approach.

Advanced Proposal Pricing Strategies

Description When you prepare a proposal for your target government customer, or to a prime contractor under a larger government proposal, you have two main objective to win the contract and make money. Unfortunately, these two objectives can sometimes work against each other. This course will cover both and how to strike a balance between …

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Price Evaluation: Best Value vs LPTA

Description The government primarily uses two types of pricing evaluations: LPTA (Lowest Price Technically Acceptable) and Best Value Trade-off.  This course will teach the differences between the two evaluation types and pricing strategies for dealing with each type. What you’ll learn.